Smart handling of hydraulics with automatic dust protection

Better handling of hydraulic hoses


  • Automatic dust protection
  • Effective markup
  • Proper handle
Less oil waste & fewer replacements Reduces time wasted on errors and confusion Ensures an easy and quick connection



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Sample pack for tractor labels

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Hydrosafe for skid steer loaders

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Handling of hydraulics

Colored handles for hydraulic hoses in agriculture

Save 30%

Sample packages

Save money with predefined sample packs for your tractor


Coloured handles and accessories


See our range of fittings for hydraulics

Quick-connect couplings

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Why choose us?

Saves time and money

Less oil spills & replacements

Get a permanent dust protection that extends the life of quick couplings, filters, seals, etc.

Proper handle

Solid handle ensures proper grip and faster handling without slippery hoses.

Works on all tractor brands

John Deere, New Holland, Case IH, Fendt, Valtra, Claas, Massey Ferguson, Deutz-Fahr, Landini etc.

CE marked & tested

Safe under pressure and specially designed to withstand the agricultural environment.

No cleaning

Avoid cleaning dust from the quick connectors before each installation.

Effective markup

Clear marking with colours and engravings (+/-, numbers, etc.) without strips, tape or similar.

Direct mounting

Easily mounts with 1/2″ BSP threads directly to hydraulic hose.


Climate-friendly materials that reduce oil leaks and replacements.

What our customers say…

Helps all tools

Read how Danish farmers are saving hydraulic oil and handling time by using our coloured handles for smarter hydraulic markings.

Søren Møller

Manager, Kragerup Gods

John Deere

Mikael Andersen

Owner, Asbjerggaard


Phillip Johansen

Operations Manager, Birkemosegaard


Christian Kloster

Teacher, Agricultural School Zealand

New Holland

Kragerup Gods
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“We don’t have the oil spill we had before because there are some couplings that are soaking. We are just super happy with this solution!”

Click on the image to watch the video

“Where the hoses go is pretty clear now and as far as the dust protection goes, it’s pretty easy to put on. Having tried them I can actually recommend them. It works well.”

Click on the image to watch the video

“It’s easy to figure out where the hoses go, so this way new employees are sure to get it right the first time!”

Agricultural School Zealand
Click on the image to watch the video

“We highly recommend that places with a lot of people, or just students in general, run a system – and Hydrosafe can provide that system!”

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Special design

If you are a manufacturer of tools or machinery for agriculture, forestry, construction or similar, you have the opportunity to offer customised versions of our products according to your needs. With a partnership we design a product according to your machines and with the control you want in relation to:

  • Materials & design
  • Recognition method
  • Enlightenment of text, icons and logo
  • Production responsibility
  • Approvals ift. CE, ISO and EU 167/2013

If you see our innovation as a competitive advantage, read more or contact us.

About hydrosafe

Best Startup from University of Southern Denmark

Hydrosafe was founded by Rasmus Hyldal & Martin Bjerregaard around the idea of protecting hydraulic quick couplings from external particles.

We won the award for the most sustainable and innovative studio idea in 2020 and best startup from the University of Southern Denmark in 2021. Today, we are supported by the Christian Nielsen Foundation with a clear ambition to become the new standard in handling and marking hydraulic hoses in dusty environments.

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